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You have constructive comments to give on how I play Jon?  Please, feel free to do so, I only strive to get better!

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IC Inbox

Jul. 9th, 2024 01:13 pm
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You have reached the mailbox of
[There's the sound of fumble and someone clearing his throat before...] Jon Snow. [There's another moment of fumbling before some silence, then the automatic message gets back on] After tone, please record your message. Beeeeeeeeeep

[You know nothing the drill! Let me know if it's IC or OOC!]
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You've not read the book at all? You've in the process to, and haven't gotten past Storm of Swords and would like not to be spoiled?  There is nothing more that would please me then knowing about it in order to be careful when I play with you!

Simply leave me a line with the characters you want me to watch out for, and the canon point you're at so I may know what to say or not!
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